[Official] Beat Diabetes Diabetics Medicines Side Effects Regulate Blood Sugar

[Official] Beat Diabetes Diabetics Medicines Side Effects Regulate Blood Sugar

Now his every move represents the Meng family, so he has to think twice Of course, Xiao best supplements to lower blood sugar Hanquan wasn’t the only one who took action.

The action of rubbing the center of the eyebrows like this means that the chief has encountered hesitation and has fallen into the choice, but he understands that the palm will not let him wait for too long, because the chief’s time is too precious.

The old man stood up from the chair, his face changed for a long time, and suddenly he pressed a button on the side and ordered Order all the bishops to rush back regulate blood sugar to the Holy See, and hold a meeting in red tomorrow.

Several Taoist priests followed with righteous indignation and said that they were full of confidence in their regulate blood sugar Tianshi Mansion in their words It is true that for many years, no one has ever dared to come to Tianshi Mansion to make trouble.

Although the elder sister had no relationship with her, but after all, she had spoken a few words and met a few times Now I know that the elder sister is home remedies to lower blood sugar instantly only a few days old.

When Mr. Lai Buyi found out about the burial site, he studied for a long time how to use it for burial, and finally let him find a way It turned out that although the phoenix site is very angry, Feng Shui masters dare not handle it.

In many places, there is a kind of people, these people are old women around fifty years old, they claim to be able to get ghosts from the underworld, if anyone wants to talk to their dead relatives, they can find them.

It was not until I saw You Ming in Guangxiao Temple that I suddenly realized that the reason why I am familiar with it is because the girl’s aura is very similar to that of Tank, and At the beginning, Tan showed me a what can I do to lower my blood sugar quickly photo of his sister.

Xuanxuan’s eyes were rosy, she wiped her eyes, and walked back to the middle of the team silently Facing the concerns and inquiries of Professor Qi and several members of the archaeological team, she didn’t say a word.

At least for what herb lowers blood sugar a while, You Ming and the others found that they were followed several times when they left the base to relax, but they ignored it.

In the direction of Gengxin, point five! In the direction of Ziyin, point seven! In the direction of Chenwei, point four! In the direction of Guigen, point 2! Qin Yu spit out seven directions in a row, and the sound of seven firecrackers sounded outside regulate blood sugar the bamboo building After the seven firecrackers passed, Qin Yu slowly opened his eyes, and the eyes were shining brightly.

That place is called the path of hungry ghosts The people-eating ghosts in folklore do not regulate blood sugar actually refer to the ghosts that become after the death of ordinary people Ghosts, this kind of ghosts can harm people, but they can’t eat people Ghosts that can eat people refer to hungry ghosts.

Therefore, type 2 diabetes Metformin Qin Yu naturally would not have a good attitude towards Bai Jin, not to mention that it is impossible for him to leave here Jiuyou communicated with Bai Qi, and Yanghe was summoned by him with his blood essence Now Bai Jin wants Sitting back and enjoying the benefits, how can there be such a good thing in this world.

She had regulate blood sugar been in the store for five days, and this was the first time a customer entered the store in these five days The shop opened by her uncle had not been in business for more than five days Looking at the location and the decoration of the shop, the rent must be very expensive.

Ms Xu, in such a small place in the car, it is inevitable that the gun will misfire, so I think regulate blood sugar I should keep this gun for you first Seeing the smile on You Ming’s face, Xu Qing wished she could step forward and tear this man’s face apart.

Qin Yu was almost certain that Jiang Tingting’s grandfather’s car accident was definitely not an accident, but a plot by the Fan family After Mr. Jiang was killed, they would be able to deal with Jiang Tingting’s father unscrupulously Hearing Qin Yu’s deduction, Jiang Tingting’s delicate little how do I help my husband get his blood sugar under control face showed an angry look, and she clenched her little hands tightly.

Through the car window, Qin Yu saw several buses parked on the how quickly does Berberine lower blood sugar side of the road, and at the same time scanned a group of people not far from the side of the bus Master Ji! Just when Ji Quan was about to write down the answer, a voice came from behind him.

Of course, if your organization needs to keep it confidential, you don’t have to tell me Qin Yu scratched his head and asked suspiciously Well, I will tell Master Qin everything, but there is nothing to keep secret.

At this time, the hungry ghost insects on the face of the young Taoist priest also fell from the young Taoist priest’s face to the onion extract high blood sugar ground.

Qin Yu did not expect that the Drunk Dragon would come out by himself, so he was surprised before, and it was only for a while You know, the general earth energy never leaves the ideal blood glucose level for diabetics earth, and once it leaves, it will dissipate.

Huh, what is that? But when everyone was guessing, some sharp-eyed people saw two green and one white flying towards the foot of the mountain A ray of light flew towards the direction of Wangxian Stone like regulate blood sugar regulate blood sugar a meteor.

In contrast, the status of Fengshui master is not so visible Qin Yu walked onto the stage slowly, holistic cures for diabetes and the guests in the audience saw how young Qin Yu was, their jaws dropped in shock.

Although she didn’t have a good impression of Qin Yu, she didn’t deny that, as a girl, her intuition told her that Qin Yu cared about her cousin very much Don’t think too much, Mr. Qin is not such a person If Mr. Qin wants to play tricks, we simply don’t have the ability to resist.

Judging from the current situation, at best Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes least this blood gene will be of great help to his carving, but It’s not just this effect, it needs regulate blood sugar to pass the test of time When Tie Zhu was carving the inscribed lines, everyone fell into silence.

The next thing will be a little dangerous, so Qin Yu is a little worried about his cousin and the tank who have not practiced before.

In front of it is a blood-red pool, best way to get rid of high blood sugar and on the opposite side of this pool, waya to lower blood suger without medicine there is a building standing there If you want to reach the opposite side, you can only walk through this pool of blood This is blood.

Zhang Haiming raised the cup, put his nose on the edge of the cup and sniffed, sighed, then slowly the blood sugar level is high raised the cup, reluctant to drink it all, and just took a sip As soon as he took a sip of 7 steps to cure diabetes the wine, Zhang Haiming’s eyes widened a little.

The dean also saw Qin Yu and smiled at Qin Yu Qin Yu also nodded in response Have you talked to Xiao Qin? The dean turned his gaze back to Leng Rou and asked with a smile Dean, I just talked to him about Qiaoqiao.

Sun Yang dispelled the sudden thoughts in his heart, and set his eyes on Gu again, with a complacent expression on his face again, no matter what Li Minghao and the others pressured, he would not lose anyway Haha, two two, Leopards eat all, it seems that today is really a good start, this is a good luck.

The opening ceremony was completed, and it was almost noon Qin Yu took a group of people to a nearby hotel to sit at the banquet that had already been set.

Such magical artifacts, the owners of those magical artifacts would not reveal it to the outside world, and regulate blood sugar they were also afraid of being tricked.

Xiao Fan, what are you doing! After a brief shock, Ayurvedic home remedies for diabetics patients Wei Anxin quickly reacted Seeing Mr. Xiao’s face darken, his heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly said to the fourth child angrily.

Of regulate blood sugar course, if your organization needs to keep it confidential, you don’t have to tell me Qin Yu scratched his head and asked suspiciously Well, I will tell Master Qin everything, but there is nothing to keep secret.

According to Qin Yu’s previous instructions, Tank did not meet with Master Qian and his wife Sit at the same table, but home remedies to get rid of diabetes does cinnamon really lower blood sugar sit at a table by yourself.

But Zheng Wanqiu held her son and yelled Second Master, best way to lower A1C quickly you how do you control gestational diabetes can’t do this Without my father and my brother, the Zheng family wouldn’t be able to get to this point.

Only they knew how powerful the head was With the fighting power of these policemen, as long as they didn’t fire their guns, it was impossible to get type 2 diabetes supplements close to the head.

How could a bowl of spring water taste like wine? People looked at the clear spring in their bowls with weird eyes, and some best way to lower blood sugar fast even sniffed it with their noses, but there was no trace of wine at all How could it be possible to taste wine? However, doubts are doubts, this clear spring still needs to be drunk.

In the end, Qin Yu and Mr. Zheng made an agreement that they regulate blood sugar would go to Hong Kong tomorrow, and Mr. Zheng would send someone to pick up Qin Yu tomorrow Afterwards, Mr. Zheng and his grandfather and grandson left.

Later, this matter was spread by the old man’s children, one spread ten, ten spread hundreds, and in the end not only the whole village knew about it, but also many people in the whole town knew about it, knowing that the widow and daughter-in-law of the Wang family could have sex with the what do if your blood sugar is high deceased To communicate, many people come here admiringly These people are all because of the sudden death of their relatives.

Qiu Yun’s relationship with Qin Yu was at first only because of Yuan He’s matter, and the two of them were not very familiar, but not long ago, he suddenly received a secret order from above, which contained only one person’s photo and name, and one more command.

After laying out the drawings, Mr. Bao spoke to Master Qian again, and Master Qian rushed into Duoduo’s room and shook Duoduo awake According to Mr. Bao’s instructions, he made Duoduo sit cross-legged on the drawing Bao Lao then made another hexagram on the blueprint in front of Duoduo.

Are you in touch now? No, no one has answered the phone over there, but since he has already called me, I guess he will call back when he sees the missed call lower blood sugar levels naturally on my side Don’t worry, the delay will be a few hours at most.

Can you give me a hug for this kitten? One of the girls couldn’t stand the temptation and begged Qin Yu Sorry, Xiao Jiu has a bad temper and regulate blood sugar doesn’t like being hugged by strangers.

Director Wang, can you open the coffin and let me see Wang Rui’s body? Before Meng Fang answered, Qin Yu made a request, and an inexplicable look flashed regulate blood sugar in his eyes, staring at the red coffin.

Moreover, Tan is a special soldier, and he is also good at observing people Previously, Zheng Jian’s flickering eyes could not escape his eyes.

The fourth child looks at his girlfriend expecting His gaze and his heart are also extremely hesitant, his girlfriend and uncle are just making a fuss, since Wolong Zui is a fine wine handed down from generation to generation, then this first auction must be famous, at.

He finally completed the task his father entrusted to him In the early morning, the first rays of the rising sun cast light on the ground There were already many policemen in the Municipal Public Security Bureau ready diabetes meds Glipizide to go.

Master Zhiren laughed loudly after hearing Qin Yu’s request, and said Layman regulate blood sugar Qin came at the right time Our temple has just put a batch of Zen incense into the warehouse.

Wang Qinian, who was standing at the bow, seemed unaffected at all, and continued to blow on the object in his mouth how to prevent diabetes This time, his voice changed and became very low, just like the sound of a raging river With the appearance of this sound, the turbulent river returned to calm.

Does anyone have a different opinion? The purpose of this exchange meeting is for everyone to communicate with regulate blood sugar each other and speak out boldly Therefore, anyone who has a different opinion is welcome.

Hurry up, hurry up and take pictures, it’s snowing in this kind of weather, if you don’t take pictures and keep them, you will regret it for the rest of your life Some young men and women frantically took out their mobile phones and began to take pictures of the sky above the city center Many people even rushed over there, wanting to experience for themselves what the snow in September looks like.

It’s hard to say, don’t you see that the new wines of those wineries are still inferior long term effects of high blood sugar to Luzhou Laojiao, a thousand-year-old cellar, this is simply against the sky.

This is Buried Soul Mound, a well-known good place for private residences in the county It was once ordered by regulate blood sugar a Feng Shui master, so many of us will have our graves buried near here after death.

Leng Rou’s words contained a hint of anger, and even she herself didn’t know why she did so In short, seeing Qin Yu’s expression of relief, she felt very can turmeric help lower blood sugar upset.

As for the possible grievances of the master, diabetes treatment and prevention it is even less bloody No one present knows the origin of his master, and his master has nothing to do with the domestic ones I have never been to the mainland in my life, so it is impossible to have enemies.

The middle-aged man would suddenly collapse on the ground, and the little remedies for diabetes Mellitus girl Sun Mengjia led her to run without being stopped because he shot from behind.

But Youming, how do you plan to solve Xu Qing’s problem? Qin Yu glanced at You which diabetes is high blood sugar Ming, and asked in a joking tone Fox and the others didn’t hear the conversation between You Ming and Xu Qing, but Qin Yu could hear it clearly.

I wanted to go over to have a look, but he yelled at me again and wouldn’t let me approach It didn’t take long to see him lying on the quilt, and he stopped barking, but his body was slowly getting bigger Jiang Tingting explained to Qin Yu what she saw earlier Xiao Jiu? Qin Yu frowned, walked towards Xiao Jiu, and called softly However, this time, Xiao Jiu didn’t respond to him, and was still lying on the bed without any movement fastest way to lower A1C.

Sun regulate blood sugar Yang looked at Li Minghao with a smile and asked, What does Young Master Li like to play? Today I will be the host, so I can have a good time with Young Master Li Play dice, that thrill Then play dice, Li Shao has no objection.

Every plant, every tree, every tree and every stone on Mount Tai has more aura than other places This is all derived from the fact that Mount Tai is the town of heaven and earth and the fate of the country Among best herb to lower A1C the folks, Taishan Shigandang is even more famous.

At the back of his head, his mother warned him at the time, saying that hiccups are a sign of the upper body of a Bodhisattva, and children should not study indiscriminately.

Bai Qitiao turned his head, a strange smile appeared on his face, regulate blood sugar his eyes were slightly upward, and when he looked up, he could already feel that Qin Yu had started to move, or in other words, Mr. Wolong’s dark chess had started to work.

Xuanxuan took a flashlight and looked around, and finally, lower A1C level quickly she found a place without any weeds, but it was a little far away After hesitating for a while, the girl’s reserve finally made her decide to go there The rustling sound of water resounded in the grass After solving the problem, Xuanxuan felt a lot more relaxed She was about to walk back to the camp when she suddenly heard a burst of music.

You Ming raised the corners of his mouth, showing a meaningful smile, patted the tank on the shoulder, calmed the tank down, and said to the fox in the front seat Go to the police station The fox nodded, and drove the car directly towards holistic diabetes medicines the police station.

In addition, on the phone, Yao Guoliang was mysterious, saying that he had a surprise to tell him what is the best way to control diabetes when Qin Yu passed by No matter what Qin Yu asked on the phone, Yao Guoliang refused to say anything, and Qin Yu had no choice but to give up For the new wine, Qin Yu is full of confidence.

Then, let Master Qin tell everyone by himself, what is your occupation? I am self-employed and a fan of medications adherence for diabetes medications metaphysics This is the answer Qin Yu came up with after thinking about it for a while.

He picked up one of the copper coins, placed it at the position of the Tianzhu star, and then rolled the copper coin to the position of the death gate, measured a Among them, the copper coins were flipped a few times, and Qin Yu memorized the number in his heart.

Because of the sudden disappearance of the pressure, Qin Yu fell to the ground again, and the half-finished handprint was interrupted again What is given today will be returned in how long does it take cinnamon to lower blood sugar the future.

When Liu Yang and the others heard regulate blood sugar the sound of the drum, their expressions changed drastically One of the Taoist priests opened his mouth wide in surprise, and stammered Yu actually went to beat the notification drum.

You Ming smiled at Qin Yu, but Qin Yu does Ozempic lower A1C was stunned He was not stunned because he saw You Ming appearing here, but suddenly Another thing came to mind.

The three major buildings are not only magnificent in appearance, but also absorbed the aura of the staff inside, and melted into it In the entire building, such an aura emanates an offensive aura that ordinary Feng Shui my blood sugar is too high what should I do masters have to avoid when they see it.

This time, the thoughts in Qin Yu’s body were running crazily, like a water pump, crazily what can high blood sugar do absorbing the nearby vitality, and the speed had vaguely caught up with him Bai Qi, you stepped over the boundary, Jiuyou is not the place you should come to.

I won’t pursue this matter anymore, but if you dare to come here I’m not welcome to provoke you, Mr. Xiang from Xinyi’an is my godfather Hong Kong is democratic in terms of degree of democracy, but when it comes to darkness, it is even darker than regulate blood sugar in China.

In fact, as early as two years ago, we received a document sent by the Ministry of Public Security above There is a gang of tomb robbers, which has been rampant in recent years.

What, people from Moutai want to come over? In Yao Guoliang’s office, Qin Yu was signing a cinnamon pills for high blood sugar contract with Yao Guoliang about the transfer of shares Suddenly, his secretary, Minister Wang, opened the door and walked in.

Chairman Lin? Qin Yu didn’t expect President Lin to also come, and at this moment, he would stand up and speak for him He couldn’t help being a little surprised Lin Qiusheng felt Qin Yu’s eyes and returned Qin Yu’s smile However, his heart At this time, lexapro high blood sugar I was also very apprehensive.

And if we want to keep an eye on 24 hours without gaps, then we need to arrange 16 people at these eight intersections alone, and then we also need to arrange people to wait here, and here, and we need to get rid of 6 people here, and then You need to arrange regulate blood sugar four to six parents to follow you secretly.

However, the point exchange price at the back is also painful for Qin Yu, best supplements for blood sugar control one million Points, he can only get them in a monkey year.

Ancient wine brewing recipe? Yao Guoliang frowned when he heard this, and said Mr. Qin, we actually have quite a few diabetes high blood sugar at night wineries in our winery house, but ancient recipes may not necessarily produce good wine There are many ancient wine recipes based on current standards.

Qin Yu strode straight towards the cannon, the more he went to the back, the brighter the light on his body surface, when he came in front of the cannon, Qin Yu’s thought force in his body was already running at a crazy speed, just like that, he In addition, he also blessed a few soft water charms on his body With a wave of Qin Yu’s hand, he felt as if he was in the water.

Although he had never tasted this new wine, according to what he said, the aroma of this wine was already very intoxicating He had never smelled such an intoxicating aroma, even if it was Moutai.

This security captain was very Dr. Marlene Merritt’s blood sugar solutions unpopular in normal times, and now, naturally, no one listened to him and took action against You Ming and the others.

Elder Qian led the way up the stairs, but as a result, more than a dozen of them were brushed off and failed to go up, but in comparison, the expressions of this group of Feng Shui regulate blood sugar masters were much better than those of the previous ones Because I didn’t hold on, I immediately retreated when I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore, so I wasn’t so embarrassed In fact, from here we can also see the collective level of Feng Shui masters in various regions.

First, the car drove on the main road for half an hour, and finally turned into a small alley, drove along the alley for half an hour, and finally stopped at an entrance By the pond, and Qin Yu looked across the pond, and could just regulate blood sugar see a courtyard across the pond.

The sofa was not big, and Xiao Jiu nestled on the sofa next to Qin Yu by himself, so Zhang Hua and Tank could only be alone on the side Master Qian, for the next few questions, I hope that Master Qian will not hide anything and answer me truthfully This is related to whether your son’s matter can be resolved Qin Yu looked at Master Qian and said seriously Master Qin, don’t worry, just ask, I will not hide it.

Bao Lao interrupted from the side and said that compared to the challenges of the younger generation, regulate blood sugar he was more worried about another thing This time, the Tianshi Mansion shot itself in the foot.

There was a privately developed holiday villa, but outside the villa at this time, It was already surrounded by armed police how to fix diabetes with real guns and ammunition, and the whole villa was so tight that it was almost impossible for a fly to fly in The car stopped at the gate of the villa.

not be simple, and then think hard, or even dig into the corners, but in fact the feng shui of this house is so ordinary Another feng shui master also expressed his opinion His words have been recognized by many people, and Ji Quan has no choice.

They came here with new wine ambitiously, just to win the first laurel crown, but under the light of Wolong drunk natural ways to control diabetes type 2 Under these conditions, no matter how good the wine is, it becomes dull, because the two are not of the same grade at all For this competition, I would like to thank Quhe Distillery.

When the subordinate walked away, Yin Cha gritted his teeth and said to himself How could he not understand that the disappearance of Yanghe must be related to Baiqi, who deliberately appeared to attract his attention, and then secretly stole Yanghe away.

The conveyor belt on the treadmill is of the kind that is super thick and super The elastic cowhide material, even the tank itself does not think that it can break regulate blood sugar the strap with a punch.

then the Feng Shui Land will be considered a failure, and the descendants will no longer be able to enjoy the blessings Qin Yu told Elder Zheng everything he had to say, and now it is time for Elder Zheng to make a decision.

Ordinary conscripts don’t how long to lower A1C need to arrange employment after completing their military service, but for special forces, the military’s top management can’t ignore it One reason is that the training of special forces is more difficult than that of ordinary soldiers, and it takes longer.

At this time, the people below felt a shaking coming from their feet, and when they looked again, the Taishan Stone had already how does cortisol regulate blood sugar floated at a height of one foot above the ground Taishan Stone weighing dozens of tons can also be suspended? Zhuge Jie stared at the Taishan Stone in astonishment He and Li Minghao knew the weight of the Taishan Stone better than anyone else.

The next thing will be a little dangerous, so Qin Yu is regulate blood sugar a little worried about his cousin and the tank who have not practiced before.

When Zheng Yue saw the fluffy white paw protruding from Qin Yu’s arms, her which herbs lower blood sugar blood surged up all of a sudden, and she quickly turned her head to look in other directions He couldn’t help but arrest the culprit who stole her jade beads and beat him up.

After the old man said this, he stood up from the sofa, and the other three fifty-year-old men hurriedly stood up, watching the old man leave respectfully Secretary Zhang, use your government relations to attack Quhe Distillery Chairman Liu, contact some people in the liquor industry.

At the beginning, he handed over Mo Cui to Zhuang Rui, and asked Zhuang Rui to help him carve ten jade diabetes natural medicines Scottsdale pendants of Zhong Kui Now there are ten boxes on this table, so it must be Ten Zhong Kui jade pendants have been carved That’s right, the statue of Zhong Kui has been carved It was carved by the master Liu I mentioned earlier.

Master Qian replied weakly, his tone was a bit tactful, but he still refused Don’t worry, it’s not that our faction forbids marrying wives and having children It how do I lower my blood sugar quickly is no different from ordinary people, and there are not so many taboos.

strangeness? Yincha suddenly turned his head to look at Qin Yu, Qin Yu only felt a chill rise from his heart, as if sugar balance all the thoughts in his heart had been seen through by others Is there anything you don’t understand Mr. Yin Cha? Qin Yu forced a smile on his face and asked.

Not only do you have to consume old corpse oil every day, but you best natural way to lower blood sugar also have to soak yourself in it, For three consecutive months, during this period, the human body will gradually undergo some changes, some of which are subtle, and some are obvious, such as the body suddenly becomes thinner, the skin becomes aging, and even Changes in temperament are entirely based on the constitution of different people.

In fact, what Song Yuanhuai didn’t know was that the reason why how soon do cinnamon pills lower blood sugar Qin Yu had such a high talent was not because his understanding of Tao surpassed Bao Lao’s, but because in Qin Yu’s mind, the Zhuge Neijing had already made the talismans very clear It is displayed in Qin Yu’s mind, including Dao Yun, and what Qin Yu has to do is to copy it, and copy it exactly.

The little guy’s paws pulled down the glass on the window, and he stopped regulate blood sugar looking at Qin Yu, as if he was upset by Qin Yu’s disbelief in his behavior Seeing Xiao Jiu’s expression and movements, Qin Yu scratched his head in embarrassment.

Ximen Jun raised the regulate blood sugar newspaper in his hand, and at this time his newspaper was enlarged on the big screen, and he could clearly see a large headline in the original version of the newspaper Cheung Kong Industrial Group offers a reward of 100 million yuan, please Crack the master of Feng Shui Bureau in Central.

Jiang Tiezhu came to his senses after Qin Yu’s shout, and hurriedly agreed After going down to the bottom of the well, Qin Yu discovered that the temperature in the well is very how to fix high morning blood sugar strange.

Bai Qi’s voice sounded in Qin Yu’s mind, girl? You mean Bai Jin? Qin Yu stopped in his tracks, with a look of surprise on his face, so Bai Jin is so powerful that even Bai Qi should be how long does it take Glipizide to lower blood sugar afraid? I’m not afraid of that girl, or you’re useless kid, not someone’s opponent, otherwise I wouldn’t have to wait so long.

Li Siqi had called earlier, and Qin Yu thought to himself, since there is nothing wrong, he just went to see it Speaking of which, he had never been to a concert since he was a child Mr. Qin, you also have a celebrity you like Qin Yu and Tank came to the famous concert venue Looking at the crowd around them, Tank asked Hearing Tank’s words, Qin Yu rolled his eyes.

Early in the morning, when people who went to work in Huairen City picked up the newspapers, they found that no matter which newspaper, on the most eye-catching page, there was a line of big bold characters Quhe Distillery has brewed a peerless wine, and plans to hold Wine tasting conference.

It is to send people on a flat road, but how far they can go in the end still depends on their own abilities Regarding Feng Shui, we should maintain a belief but not blind attitude.

Jiang Tingting also looked at Qin Yu with a surprised expression after hearing the question reduced hemoglobin Qin Yu leaned over her ear, hesitated for a while, then nodded who are you? How did you know? Jiang Tingting looked at Qin Yu suspiciously, and asked in a low voice.

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